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Submit your online casino to more than 2000 directories

submit casinoDear webmaster! GoinCoin wants to introduce you another way to promote your casino. On our website you are able to download a list of gambling directories where you can add your own online casino. To promote your online casino successfully, you need to build up a reference mass. To do this, lsubmit your casino to directories. Click to submit your online casino to more than 1000 directories!Read More

5 tips how to use Twitter for SEO

TwitterHow to improve SEO and get more traffic? Think about Twitter! Nowadays Twitter is the most popular microblogging service in the world. Tweet is a message of 140 characters that people write there. They tweet about everything – what they are doing, eating at the moment, their thoughts on topics they care about.Read More

How to choose a good domain name for your casino

domain-nameThey say the way you call your boat – like that it will float. The same is with the name of the casino site and its domain name. If your domain has a beautiful name and is also easy to remember, you will not want to change it after you unwind it. Of course you can change it, because technically it’s not difficult, but you’ll have to warn all users.People get used to go on the site, and don’t like to found themselves on the other one. At least they will be wary of the new site if they are not warned. The change of design, logo or domain is not always welcomed.Read More

White label casino

white labelWhite label casino is an online casino created by one company that can be promoted and rebranded as its own. Affiliate program GamblingBuilder gives its partners white label casino with the possibility of rebranding. If you started thinking about the online casino creation, white label casino from Gambling Builder is a great opportunity to get casino on a separate domain. You just have to promote your casino on Internet. We write in our blog how to do it.Read More