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Making money in casino gambling

making money in casino gambling

Dear webmasters!

On this website you'll find ways of making money in casino gambling. We help our partners to promote their casino, giving them useful tips to maximize online casino profits. You will find useful information about the ways to attract players, to get traffic and to make money with the GamblingBuilder's affiliate program. Create your own online casino easily - join the GamblingBuilder's affiliate program and just for $ 10 you get a ready-made website, which you can customize on your own. We help our partners with tips on how to promote a casino and get profit from it.

Our site will be especially useful for beginners. Categories are devoted not only to the creation of online casinos and ways of money making, but also to other popular topics on the Internet. Free directories for online casino submission and other goodies you can find in the category Webmasters

GoinCoin is not just a blog about casino promotion, but it is also a creative team. Our current task is - to search and develop new and effective ways to make profit from the casino. We suggest you not only well-known methods to make money at the casino, such as banners, casino promotion in casino directories and social networks, posting articles on topical resources devoted to the casino, but we also provide the software and widgets that will make your casino unique. We develop methods of casino promotion, which differ from traditional methods, we check their effectiveness on practice and analyze the results. We make experiments and share results of our personal experience with you. That helps our partners to avoid mistakes and save their time and, more importantly - money.

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5 steps to earn six-figure amounts on your online casino

earn-on-casinoOnline gambling market is one of the fast growing segments of the gambling industry. The total amount of online gambling global market is 21 billions of dollars, by the end of 2012 this amount will be about 30 billions – this data is estimated by analytical agency “H2 Gambling Capital”. This is a great opportunity for online casino affiliaters to earn. You do not need seed money to start, all you need is a computer and internet access. Who are those affiliaters? They are the members of partner programs of online casinos, who receive a commission for bringing new players in online casinos. The fee depends on the payment structure of the online casinos.Read More

How to choose a good domain name for your casino

domain-nameThey say the way you call your boat – like that it will float. The same is with the name of the casino site and its domain name. If your domain has a beautiful name and is also easy to remember, you will not want to change it after you unwind it. Of course you can change it, because technically it’s not difficult, but you’ll have to warn all users.People get used to go on the site, and don’t like to found themselves on the other one. At least they will be wary of the new site if they are not warned. The change of design, logo or domain is not always welcomed.Read More

Search engines, basics. How to improve position of your site by search

seo-basicsIt’s not a secret that most visiters come from Google, but you shouldn’t also forget about Yahoo and MSN. Moreover, at the beginning it’s very difficult to get traffic from Google because of its filters set to all new sites and to reduplication of the content if you do not change the content of the site given by the GamblingBuilder Affiliate Programm.Read More

Change content of your casino

contentWhen you work with search engines, it’s very important for you to create a web-page with the unique content. Your casino has a default page text. To increase PR of your site you should change it. Of course, we take care of our affiliates, that’s why you need minimum efforts to realize this: find “Content editor” on the control board. Choose a necessary casino in the list and a model for editting. Here is the list of standard pages to editRead More

How to make a site with automatically fulfilled content

updateLet’s talk about the easiest way of site creation with automatically updated unique content written by users! In fact, it’s WEB 2.0, i.e. visitors create the content of the site themselves. You need  domain name, hosting and CMS WordPress. This is the way how to get more players and more money accordingly!Read More

Implementing of stat counter

google analyticsStats counter is a very important application for your online casino. It can either show the traffic or collect statistics of players’ geography, which allows you to know where the person came from. The counter also gives you info about the country, links from other sites, key words and other info.Read More

Registration in affiliate programm

affiliate programWant to earn money from gambling? Make your own casino! First register in affiliate programm. The registration process is quite simple. You should enter your e-mail address and password, which will be used further. After you complete the registration you should go to the control board at More